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Pneumatic forging hammer


Art Forge De Beus in Halle is your specialist for all kinds of welding and forging of iron or steel. We give your balustrade, stairs or banister an artful look.

De Beus is a renowned art smith, who has been active in Halle near Brussels.

Our forge is equipped with a pneumatic forging hammer and a coal fire but a gas oven. We also have a modern assembly room where we forged together.

We manufacture custom wrought iron railings, gates, bars, tables, architectural hardware. Existing forgings, we can recover and restore. Next to that we can also restore your ironwork.

Feel free to contact De Beus art forge for more information!

Some products


Using our examples, the client chooses a model. Based on the measurements of your staircase we work this model for you to fit in your staircase. The model is right Baroque.


On stone, wood or iron, the handrail is usually customized. The handrail we arrive finally at the yard. Then you know the customer usually well what style you for the decoration of the house wants to use. We design handrails both in style, shape or price range can fit into your interior.

Architectural Hardware

We restore and make mostly traditional models hinges, handles, latches, locks. Alongside is a lock maria (renaissance). It is a triple lock for a window with two wings, each with a hatch.

Ports and gates

We restore and make modern or traditional custom ports. Here you see a garden gate (Baroque).


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